Elaborating The Process Of Writing A Graduate Essay

Elaborating The Process Of Writing A Graduate Essay
Do you know the most daunting task in academics is? You are right if you have guessed writing a graduate essay. An essay gives students nightmares and sleepless nights. Not knowing how to write a good essay gets many students to fail. A number of factors work behind this failure of students. The top element in the list is not knowing about the process of writing an essay. It is pretty straightforward to say that jumping on to a thing you do not know about brings failure. Thus, today’s guide is all about writing a graduate essay and its elements. Let’s begin our discussion with the following basic question:

How do you write a graduate essay?

Writing is not an easy task. It demands a bunch of skills and hard work to complete writing a graduate essay. We asked the top writers on the internet the same above question. They replied that they followed guidelines before starting to write.

A step-by-step process of researching and writing is vital in creating a good piece of essay on any topic. You can say that research skills are the prerequisite to writing. An individual with no research and writing skills can only think of writing an essay but fail to attempt it. He cannot write at all and eventually fails in assessment. Therefore, a step-by-step guide is required in writing a graduate essay effectively.

What are the processes of writing an essay?

An essay presents a well-argued discussion or response to an issue. Therefore, you must follow a proper channel to complete it. The process of writing an essay consists of many steps. A brief description of each step is as follows:

Analyse the question

Encountering a problem is crucial to writing a graduate essay. Without any problem in hand, you cannot write. The teachers, most of the time, provide students with the situation. All the students need to do is to analyse the scenario pretty well and understand the questions. For example, you can underline the instructional words. The instructional words can be descriptive, explanatory or narrative in nature. The whole discussion in an essay revolves around these words.

The second thing in analysing phase is clarity. You should be clear about what the task is. A thorough understanding of the topic is necessary to maintain a nice flow of ideas. If you face any problem in understanding the statement, go to your teacher. The teacher will explain it to you and try to comprehend the situation. Thus, the first stage of analysing is important in writing a graduate essay.

Brainstorm the question

After a thorough understanding of the topic, the next step is to think about what you know about the topic. Brainstorm the questions and extract as much information as possible from your mind. This brainstorming exercise also helps in identifying the gaps in your knowledge. It also allows you to make a road map of your essay in your mind. The mind maps are very necessary for writing a graduate essay.

Start researching

You know what you already know. It is time to get hold of what is hidden from you. The research process starts after the brainstorming exercise. At the end of the document, the teachers also provide a list of recommended books and sources to complete the essay. Start with those sources and read them thoroughly.

In your research for the data, you should not restrict yourself to the recommended text. Make extensive use of the internet and other online sources. Going to the library to read text related to your graduate essay is also a healthy practice.

Plan the essay

After performing the step mentioned above, you have the data and possible headlines. Still, you do not know which order the required things should follow. Here, planning comes into play. The writer organises the information based on the headings and subheadings in the planning phase. Making connections and building the flow of ideas is also done while planning. A graduate also decides on the logical order of the information while writing a graduate essay. The plan of writing should include.
  • The main headings and their relationship to the essay question
  • Secondary titles and their relationship to the main points
  • A draft of your introduction


After doing all the steps mentioned above, you should start writing the essay. Do not avoid making a detailed plan. You should always follow the plan that you made in the step before writing. It is important to follow a standard structure of essay writing. The standard elements of an essay are introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction must provide background information on the topic. It should act as a binder that sticks the reader to your graduate essay. Remember, in the body paragraphs, a paragraph only contains one idea at a time. Other sentences should explain or support the main theme of the paragraph. In the end, you give your verdict about the issue. The conclusion section should not include any new information; rather, it should summarise all the information.

Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading are crucial and the most challenging parts of writing a graduate essay. Editing confirms that you have discussed all the points according to your plan. It also allows you to check the overall flow of the ideas in the essay, while proofreading comes at the last after taking some break. It includes rectifying minor language errors and grammatical mistakes.

What are the 5 important steps to writing an essay?

Every step is important in writing a graduate essay. Still, some steps need proper attention, which is why they are important. Those some important steps are mentioned below.
  • Prewriting
  • Research
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Editing and Proofreading


Writing a graduate essay becomes easy when you have a road map in your mind. Otherwise, it will act as a nightmare for you even at the university level. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create a fine piece of paper.

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